Ombudsman Program

Advocates for elderly in long-term care facilities on issues involving their rights.


Your Regional Ombudsman is resource to help if you feel your rights as a resident are being violated.

The Ombudsman visits each nursing home, residential care facility, and assisted living facilities in the Agency's nine county area routinely.

Jim Stephens is the regional Ombudsman – West (Benton & Washington Counties) for the Area Agency on Agency and can be reached at the Benton County Office 888-286-3610 or 479-273-9424.

Mary Askew is the regional Ombudsman – East (Baxter, Boone, Carroll, Madison, Marion, Newton, & Searcy Counties) for the Area Agency on Aging and can be reached at the Boone County Office 877-286-3621 or 870-743-1623.

For information on specific programs, go to the Arkansas Ombudsman Program website.