In-Home Services

Under the guidance of registered nurses and caseworkers, the Area Agency on Aging provides assistance in the home for disabled or frail elderly persons who need help with daily living activities. If you need a little extra help to get through the day, our In-Home Services department can help. Trained Caregivers provide personal care, housekeeping and limited transportation to meet your needs. Medicaid, VA and many Long-Term-Care Insurance policies will pay for this service, or it is available on a fee-for-service basis. These assistants give their clients much more than the work services for which they are hired; they also provide them with an opportunity for social interaction and a sense of belonging and being cared for.

The Agency also provides programs that will help fill the void for the elderly who do not qualify for services through Medicaid, VA or private insurance programs. On a fee-for-service basis, seniors can arrange and pay for a variety of tasks.

The Agency's registered nurses and caseworkers for each county are listed below. They can be reached at their respective offices.

Baxter County

Rita McKinney, RN
Suzette Hutchinson, CW
Dasharma Clark, RN

Benton County

Nichole Thurston, RN
Neva Causey, CW

Boone County

Erin Jones, RN
Sharon Butler, CW
Noelle Patton, RN

Carroll County

Noelle Patton, RN
Wendy Evert, RN
Heather Gentry, CW

Madison County

Debra Emerson, RN
Amanda Dotson, CW

Marion County

Kristy Gibson, RN
Amanda Phillips, CW

Newton County

Shawna Clement, RN
Glenda Henderson, CW

Searcy County

Bernice Reves, RN
Misty England, CW

Washington County

Lisa Murray, RN
Darla Jordan-Pope, CW

Click here for an informational flyer about in-home services.